Tips on Camouflaging Your Deer Hunting Stand

For most hunters, white tail deer hunting is an adventurous and fun-filled outdoor activity. Normally hunting white tail bucks is either done from ground blind or by using deer hunting stands. However metallic tree stands in your deer food plots can frighten deer and scare them away. Therefore proficient hunters skilfully camouflage their hunting stands to maximize their success. For your convenience given here are 3 useful tips on camouflaging hunting stands.

1) The best way to camouflage deer hunting 5.7 green tipΒ  stand is by using natural foliage. Gather fallen branches with plenty of leaves attached from around the selected hunting tree. Fasten the branches to the hunting stand at approximately 10-15 feet over the tree base. For this you can either use the plastic zip ties or weave the branches through the railings and seat. This will obscure the metallic finish and unnatural lines of your deer hunting stand and give a resemblance of a tree part. Finally observe the tree stand from ground and make any changes, if necessary.

2) Using a camouflage wrap is another way to conceal your tree stand, so as not to startle deer. These wraps are ideal to cover the metal sections of your hunting tree stand. You can easily buy a suitable camouflage wrap from the market. Unfold the wrap and start draping it around the stand from all sides. To securely hold the wrap, use plastic zip tie or simply stuff the excess wrap in-between the tree and stand strap. Even if the wrap is not fastened tightly, just let it be, as it will make it look more natural. Examine from below and make suitable changes.

3) Spray paint technique is an excellent way to camouflage tree stands. Start with spraying brown paint on the stand especially on the underside. Then spray small patches of green color on the bars and underside of seat to give an illusion of leaves. After spray painting let the hunting tree stand to dry out for seven days. After the paint dries, you can also rub dirt on the stand to quicken the drying process. As deer can sense fresh paint readily, it is advisable to let the stand completely dry off and then start your whitetail hunts.


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