The Benefits of Single Estate Coffee

If you are already regularly brewing your own coffee at home, then you have already discovered the amazing quality that you can reach by choosing and doing everything yourself, while being as good for the environment as possible. You can enhance your experience even further, however, by switching to single estate single origin coffees. If you have not tried this already, you are missing out. Getting all your beans from one respected estate can enhance your drinking experience in the same way as getting wine from a well-known vineyard, and once you try it you will not want to go back.

Single Origin

All single estate coffee beans that you buy are technically also single origin, though not all single origin beans are also single estate. If you cannot get your hands on any single estate beans, then at the very least you should shoot for something that is single origin. What this means is that the coffee is grown in one specific area, chosen for the quality harvests it produces. This may be a region or even a small country. This means that all of the beans will have similar physical characteristics. For you, what this translates into is an unforgettably even quality and smooth flavor.

Single Estate

Ideally, the beans you buy will be not simply single origin, but single estate as well. This is the same idea as single origin, taken to its natural conclusion. What you are purchasing is beans that are all the product of just one farm. This will allow the growers to create a highly distinctive flavor profile, and to intensify each of the unique flavors that they grow. The consistency and quality of single estate coffee is incomparable.

High Quality

There are many reasons you should go with a same estate coffee over, say, a blend, but the top reason is definitely quality. It is the sort of system that checks itself. Because each bean is the same level quality, there is no way to fool you on what type of product you are getting. If one bean will make smooth and delicious coffee, the rest will do exactly the same. After all, it is to the grower’s advantage to make sure that they are selling only the best beans. This differs from a blend, in which maybe only a fraction of the beans will be of a particularly high quality, with the rest diluting those smooth, delicious flavors. For example, you will often see “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee blends”, which uses the Jamaica Blue Mountain name to raise the price of mediocre beans. True single estate Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee offers a superb taste that cannot be compared to one of these blends.



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