Is Your Central Heating Covered?

When your boiler unit or central heating system breaks down it can be a huge inconvenience for the entire family, there is nothing worse than washing your hair with cold water and donning three jumpers in winter just to keep warm. A boiler Cv storing breakdown can leave everyone feeling depressed and angry so making sure you have the right cover care plan for your energy system could mean the difference between a few hours of inconvenience and a few weeks of stress.

There are a number of things you should look out for when choosing a cover care plan for your boiler or central heating system. The first should always be what areas will be covered under your agreement. There is no point in getting a cheap care plan if it means call outs or spare parts are not included. Check that parts, call outs and regular maintenance are all included in your agreement so you can rest easy that you won’t be forking out any extra cash later down the line.

It’s also a good idea to check if the cover care plan company has a 24 hour helpline so you can get in touch with them day or night. Most of the larger companies should provide this as standard but be careful to check the small print as occasionally these help lines can just be automated services which will simply log your call and wait until the morning to get back to you. It’s also prudent to ask how long you will have to wait to get your boiler fixed if it breaks and how long it will take for a technician to come and assess the problem.

When choosing your new plan bear in mind that if your boiler is over ten years old it may not be eligible for any cover care plan at all. If you have an older system it’s a good idea to check these terms in detail as even if you can get the cover care plan you want you may be required to undergo a boiler inspection.

If you already have some form of central heating cover care plan and are thinking about switching it’s a good idea to check your current terms and conditions to make sure your transfer goes smoothly. Some companies include cancellation conditions which may mean you have to wait a certain time, or pay extra, to get out of the contract. Whatever you decide to do remember not to cancel your current order until your new policy is in place, just in case you do have an emergency you don’t want to find yourself without the right cover exactly when you need it.

Getting a cover care plan your energy equipment is always a good idea as the cost of a breakdown can quickly add up, not to mention the hassle it can cause. By making sure you have the right cover for your system you can rest easy that if anything happens you and your central heating will be well taken care of.


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