How Video Inspection Systems Help Plumbers Today

Video inspection services can be provided by plumbing companies throughout the United States.

You might be skeptical about the idea of inviting a plumber into your home who will then put a finger nail-sized camera down into your pipe system, but in actuality this process can be one of the most enlightening processes for Plumber Leumeah as they work to provide quality service to you.

Video inspection systems can be used on both interior drain lines and exterior drain lines. They can also be used on sewer lines and more.

The cameras are very small and can fit down into any of your piping systems to accurately show the inner-workings of your pipes to the plumbing company that you are working with.

Here are a few examples of things that in-pipe video camera systems can help a plumbing company to identify for you:

Clogs and blockages- If you are trying to figure out why your drains or main lines are clogged up and not working properly, you can either waste money and test many different products to find the issue through trial and error, or you can just send down the camera and diagnose the problem quickly so you can efficiently initiate the correct solution.

Fractured or broken pipes- If a pipe is cracked or is broken entirely, it’s nice to know where the crack is located and how severe it may be before suggesting a solution. Good plumbing companies will use video inspection on a fractured or broken pipe before quoting you a price for fixing the problem.

Rust or corrosion- As pipes get older, they begin to wear, deteriorate, rust and corrode. If the problem is severe, the plumbing company you are working with may need to replace the compromised pipe so that it does not ruin your entire piping system. Video inspection will help the plumbing company that you are working with to determine the best course of action regarding your aging pipes.

Tree root infiltration- We can control the landscape in our yards above the ground by pruning, cutting, and weeding the foliage. We really cannot control what happens underground though, and sometimes what happens underground can be very detrimental to your plumbing. If a tree root grows too large and ends up growing into your pipe system, then you will need repairs.

Make sure that no matter your plumbing issue, the plumbing company that you hire uses video inspection to assist in the efficiency of their repairs.


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