5 Steps To A Hot Air Balloon Take Off

There’s nothing quite like hot air ballooning. Floating in the air, looking down on beautiful views and spending the day with friends and family – what could be more exciting?

But getting the balloon up into the air is not as simple or easy as blowing up a regular balloon, a lot more goes into it than a little puff of air! Below are five steps that will show you the amount of work and equipment that goes into hot air ballooning take off.

1. Checking The Balloon For Damage

Before every air balloon flight the machine itself must be checked over to make sure it is fit and healthy to fly. Hot air ballooning is not necessarily an extreme sport, but as it uses a rather small contraption to take a number of people into the sky and back down again, it can suffer some serious problems. So step one of take off is always a thorough check over the whole machine.

2. Finding A Suitable Launch Site

Now this may sound strange, as pilots always know where their launch sites are, because these never change in hot air ballooning! However, the weather can affect whereabouts in the launch site the balloon can ascend from. If there is a stronger wind in one direction, the balloon will need to launch from a different position. Once the correct position has been found, the next step is to attach the burner system to the basket – either hanging it over the side of the basket or keeping it secured inside.

3. Inflating The Balloon

Once the balloon has been checked for damaged and is in a suitable launch site, the balloon can start to be inflated. This is one of the most exciting parts of air ballooning, especially for first time flyers. A large fan is used to blow cold wine country balloon rides into the envelope. This gradually will fill entirely and you’ll be able to see the balloon start to rise into the air.

4. A Warming Fire Injection

The next step is the dangerous but exciting one! Once the balloon has started to rise into the air, it’s time to blast it with a large fire injection! The hot air is needed to ensure the balloon rises high into the sky and to stop it from descending at a rapid pace. Without hot air, there can’t be any hot air ballooning, so it’s a vital step but also quite dangerous. So always be sure only those who know how to use it properly do so.

5. Letting The Balloon Go Free

The final step of ballooning take off is to let the balloon fly freely! Whilst the balloon is slowly being filled with hot air, the passengers are boarded on and more hot air is pumped in to keep it rising high. Once the balloon has flown to a certain height, the ground crew release the balloon from its tether or the ground, and watch it climb higher and higher.


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